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"Passistas" by LeRoy Neiman

"Passistas" by LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy Neiman (1921-2012)

"Passistas" Two celebrating women are totally caught up in and absorbed by the mesmerizing beats and sounds of Samba. Resplendent in elaborately plumed head dresses, electrifying in sequins and beads and flaunting their irresistible physical charms, these Brazillian beauties radiate the heat and passion of Carnaval, Neiman considers this print to be the fully developed example of what initially inspired him during Carnaval to do the entire Carnaval Sketchbook. ORIGINAL, HAND SIGNED and NUMBERED (599/1000), Color serigraph. 14 x 10 in. Unframed. (1981)

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